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Thèmes PrestaShop Famille #60065

Thèmes PrestaShop Famille #60065

BoBo is a well-coded and visually stunning Baby Boutique PrestaShop Template. Thanks to the design elements built in pastel colors, the theme looks easy-on-the-eyes. The header of the front page is pre-loaded with a carousel slider showcasing the store's special offers. Two banners next to its guide the users to the catalogues of boys' and girls' outfit. Categories menu is organized vertically in the left sidebar. A newsletter subscription form is placed right below it, welcoming the users to subscribe to your updates. Featured products are organized in a grid list. Product banners, Add to Wishlist, Add to Compare, Quick View, and other smart features are added to enhance the users' online shopping experience.TemplateMonster MarketPlaceTemplateMonster is a marketplace where you as a designer or developer may sell your Web Design Software, Website Templates, Design Elements, Plugins and Extensions. Become a digital products vendor and earn up to 70% from each sale. This is a Parallax Home & Family Services PrestaShop template What is it?Parallax is a front-end visual technique associated with images moving more slowly than the background content to make a "2D" effect. Why is it Good?Animation effects make the web-site more dynamic and engaging. Parallax is some type of current trend, so using it at your own webpage not simply causes it to become more attractive but additionally nicer looking.Newest Parallax PrestaShop themes here This is Family Services PrestaShop design theme with Sample Data Installer What is it?Sample data installer is a component which allows to install and include a trial files to the web design quick and simple. Why is it Good?If you want to make the internet site look just like on live demo, this component will help you. At the same time, adding sample data content can save your time enormously whilst making a site.Find more Sample Data Installer PrestaShop ecommerce templates here This is Family Support Center PrestaShop design theme with On-line chat functionality What is it?The online chat will let you communicate with your clients right away. Why is it Good?On-line Chat is an excellent choice for corporate websites. It enables assisting hesitating shoppers and encouraging them to come up with their final decision. On-line Chat makes your project look more trustworthy and brings more leads to your firm. View latest On-line chat PrestaShop design templates here This Children PrestaShop design theme is Responsive What is it?Responsive designs adapt to more compact and large screen dimensions promptly. Why is it Good?Responsive design help to make your online site look equally perfect on screen of any type of desktop or mobile device.Find newest Responsive PrestaShop templates here BoBo - Baby Online Store PrestaShop Theme FAQ Are there any limitations on selling the Family PrestaShop design template as the integral part of my new product?No, there are no limitations on our side. The Family PrestaShop design template as the integral part of new products is the property of the company that developed it, thus the company gains the full rights to distribute the product based on the company policy and terms of use.Is there any return policy for Family Services PrestaShop design templates?Requests for a refund are accepted at www.template-help.com/tickets within the period of 2 weeks after the order of PrestaShop ecommerce template for Baby Goods is placed. You should accompany this request with detailed and grounded reasons why you apply for a refund. Please make sure your request does not contradict the terms and conditions specified in the policy. A refund is issued to you upon receipt of a Waiver of Copyright signed by you.Can I get the PrestaShop design for Infant Clothing Store in higher resolution to use for printing?No, we design Family Support PrestaShop ecommerce templates optimized for web resolution only.Is it possible to use your PrestaShop design templates for Family Solutions Center to develop websites for my customers?Yes. It is perfect for designers who want to offer their customers a high-quality design and also save time and money. Keep in mind that when you purchase the PrestaShop design for Home & Family Services with ordinary or exclusive license you're entitled to create only one project (one domain name).Will the PrestaShop design for Baby Gear be deleted from TemplateMonster database?No, the PrestaShop design for Baby Gear will not be deleted from TemplateMonster database.I would like to make payment for PrestaShop ecommerce theme for Family Solutions Center by company check. Is that possible?Please use Skrill payment option. They accept payments by check.You can place an order for PrestaShop ecommerce theme for Family Solutions Center on the site under the name of the company and choose Skrill merchant system for making payment from the company's account. To initiate bank transfer, please create an account here - www.skrill.com, add the number of your bank account and verify it. After that, you can place an order on our website and choose Skrill on checkout page. When the payment is made, the product will be sent to your e-mail along with the invoice under the name of your company.Are there any discounts if I'm buying over 10, 20, 30 or more PrestaShop design for Kids & Children Store?Please contact our Pre-Sales team with your inquiries about PrestaShop designs for Family History Center.What is the difference between unique and non-unique Home & Family Magazine PrestaShop design purchase?Single site purchase: Non-exclusive purchase means that other people can buy the Home & Family Magazine PrestaShop design you have chosen some time later. Buyout purchase: Exclusive purchase guarantees that you are the last person to buy this template. After an exclusive purchase occurs the template is being permanently removed from the sales directory and will never be available to other customers again. Only you and people who bought the template before you will own it.Can I put a line at the bottom (or any other spot) of my new product "Website development by Company name" after purchasing Family History Search PrestaShop design template?Yes, you can place a note at the bottom (or any other spot) of my product "Website development by Company name". Nevertheless, you cannot place "Website design by Company name" while using one of Family History Search PrestaShop design template.I have customized the Family Center PrestaShop design and would like to protect my content by copyright, can I place Copyright, Mycompanyname.com?Yes, you can add your copyright to protect your content.After Family Center PrestaShop design purchase you can put your copyright to the template. But you cannot place a line at the bottom (or any other spot) of the customized project saying "Website design by Company name". Nevertheless, you can place "Customized by Company name".Is it possible that Template Monster will contact my client which website I made from Template Monster's website PrestaShop design for Home & Family Services?Yes, our legal department checks licenses regularly. In case we won't find designer's contact information on the site which was made from the PrestaShop design for Home & Family Services of ours we will contact the owner of the site directly.Are there any restrictions for using imagery, cliparts and fonts from the PrestaShop theme for Home & Family Blog I purchased?All imagery, clipart and fonts used in PrestaShop theme for Home & Family Blog are royalty-free, if not stated otherwise on the product page, and are the integral part of our products. One Time Usage License and Developers License give you the right to use images, clipart and fonts only as a part of the website you build using your template. You can use imagery, clipart and fonts to develop one project only. Any kind of separate usage or distribution is strictly prohibited.Is it reasonable to make unique purchase of PrestaShop ecommerce template for Baby Goods that was already purchased before?Yes, it's reasonable to make a unique purchase of PrestaShop ecommerce template for Baby Goods. Because there is very small chance that you will find the same design on the net. There are more than 3,000,000,000 webpages online now according to statistics on www.google.com.What will I see instead of the images after installation of the PrestaShop template for Family Blog?After PrestaShop template for Family Blog installation you will see blurred images included for demo purposes only.I like the image from the Family Center PrestaShop design and would like to use it for my advertising campaign, can you send me this image in a higher resolution?No, we can't provide image in higher size or resolution rather than it is on the Family Center PrestaShop design. We recommend looking for professional images on online photo resources.What is Developers License for PrestaShop theme for Family Help Center?If you purchase a Developer's license, you are granted a non-exclusive permission to use the PrestaShop theme for Family Help Center on up to 5 domains for projects belonging to either you or your client.What am I allowed and not allowed to do with the PrestaShop ecommerce themes for Home & Family News ?You may: Build a website using the PrestaShop theme for Children in any way you like.You may not:Resell or redistribute templates (like we do).Claim intellectual or exclusive ownership to any of our products, modified or unmodified. All products are property of content providing companies and individuals.Make more than one project using the same template (you have to purchase the same template once more in order to make another project with the same design).Can I integrate the Family PrestaShop design theme with third-party software or applications for development of my new products?It is possible in some cases. Please contact our Pre-Sales team for more details. What is a buyout purchase license for PrestaShop theme for Home & Family Magazine?If you purchase the product at a 'Buyout price' it guarantees that you are the last person to buy this template from us. It means that this PrestaShop theme for Home & Family Magazine may have been sold before a couple of times (see 'Downloads' number in item's properties) but only you and people who bought the template before you will own it. After this kind of purchase the template is being permanently removed from our sales directory and is never available to other customers again. The buyout purchase license allows you to develop the unlimited number of projects based on this template, but the template should be customized differently for every project.Can I apply a discount code to a discounted Kids & Children Store PrestaShop design or combine several discount codes together to get better price?Unfortunately, you cannot do this.Can I resell the PrestaShop design for Kids & Children Store as is?No, you cannot resell the PrestaShop design for Kids & Children Store as is.Are your Children PrestaShop design templatescompatible with any CMS?We do not guarantee compatibility with any CMS. Please make sure to check the product description in order to find out if this product is compatible with certain CMS.Can I use graphics from PrestaShop theme for Baby Strollers I purchased for use in printing?Yes, it's not prohibited to use the PrestaShop theme for Baby Strollers graphics for printed material, but the resolution of the templates graphics ( except for logo templates) is not enough for printing.What is Extended License for Kids PrestaShop template?The extended license is a website design solution for software companies, sitebuilders and any other businesses working with CMS, software, freeware and applications (excluding those that are the part of the product offered by TemplateMonster). For example, a company produces some kind of an application that is selling very well but there is no website design to integrate with this application. Extended license allows to buy our PrestaShop design themes for Childrens Clothes at half of their unique price and integrate with the application ( CMS, software, freeware, sitebuilder) thus creating a ""new"" product. This new products is the property of the company that developed the product, thus the company gains the full rights to distribute the product based on the company's policy and terms of use. The extended license in no way means the reselling of TemplateMonster templates.
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Script de galerie
https://s.tmimgcdn.com/scr/60000/60065-en_01.jpg, https://s.tmimgcdn.com/scr/60000/60065-en_02.jpg, https://s.tmimgcdn.com/scr/60000/60065-en_03.jpg, https://s.tmimgcdn.com/scr/60000/60065-en_04.jpg, https://s.tmimgcdn.com/scr/60000/60065-en_05.jpg, https://s.tmimgcdn.com/scr/60000/60065-en_06.jpg, https://s.tmimgcdn.com/scr/60000/60065-en_07.jpg, https://s.tmimgcdn.com/scr/60000/60065-en_08.jpg, https://s.tmimgcdn.com/scr/60000/60065-en_09.jpg, https://s.tmimgcdn.com/scr/60000/60065-en_10.jpg, https://s.tmimgcdn.com/scr/60000/60065-en_11.jpg, https://s.tmimgcdn.com/scr/60000/60065-en_12.jpg, https://s.tmimgcdn.com/scr/60000/60065-en_13.jpg, https://s.tmimgcdn.com/scr/60000/60065-en_14.jpg, https://s.tmimgcdn.com/scr/60000/60065-en_15.jpg, https://s.tmimgcdn.com/scr/60000/60065-en_16.jpg, https://s.tmimgcdn.com/scr/60000/60065-en_17.jpg
Type de commerce
Utiliser ce thème pour les enfants, des jouets, de la famille, de la mode, de beauté et les magasins web.
Support de la langue
Nom du modèle
Bobo - bébé boutique en ligne
Prestashop addons-caractéristiques
PSD files supplied
Custom Fonts
Custom Colors
SEO Optimized
Retina Ready
Advanced EU Compliance
Multistore Ready
Blog System
Google Web Fonts
Google Rich Snippets Integration
Icon Fonts
Support RTL Language
Sass / Less
Vertical Menu
Horizontal Menu
Sticky Menu
Custom Content
Dropdown Menu
Mega Menu
Background Video
Effects & Transitions
Parallax Scrolling
Zoom Effect
Custom Static Content
Custom Number of Columns
Mobile First
Quick View Product
Grid or List View
Standard 5 Step Checkout
One Page Checkout
Search Block
Layered Navigation
Custom Page Layout
Ajax Cart
Newsletter Subscription Form
Product Wishlist
Product Labels
Custom Static Block
Featured Categories on Homepage
Contact Form
Social Block
Social Share Buttons
Popup Add to Cart
Product Comments
Compatible with Firefox
Compatible with Chrome
Compatible with Safari
Compatible with Opera
Compatible with IE8+
Compatible with IE9+
Compatible with IE10+
Compatible avec E11+
La famille de modèles
Bébé modèles de magasin
Maison & famille
Enfants & enfants
Formulaires Web
Contact Form
Login Form
Newsletter Subscription
User Registration
Search Form
Installation et configuration instructions sont attachés (voir dossier de Documentation).
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Adobe Photoshop CS+, Apache Server, Sublime Text2 or later, Notepad++ or any php-editor, For uncompressing a template ZIP package:
WinZip 9+ (Windows);
Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac), PHP v. 5 or higher, MySQL 4.1.14 or later

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les animaux de la boutique en ligne magasin exclusif de livraison partie des enfants cool jeu de balle chaise de table aux enfants des jouets de bébé de cadeau de jouet de la faune favorise véhicule de plein air de développement de la voiture de poupée chien ours en peluche roadster grenouille déménageur puzzle de bus en peluche cuirassé de l'air présente des bonhommes de neige bébé
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