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Thèmes WordPress Logiciels #62120

Thèmes WordPress Logiciels #62120

With Software WP Theme the sky's the limit. Come along to see what’s inside. To start with it has a wide range of widgets and elements to create a platform of any complexity and functionality. Change the core of the theme in a flash with Power page builder, it gives you an opportunity to craft pages with different layouts. If you are satisfied with what you see, use the custom made, clean design to build a strong online presence. Create a user-friendly site with Quadro and highlight the strengths of your business by means of Cherry projects. Large image blocks and parallax scrolling provide for an eye-pleasing look, visitors will be more eager to browse your site. Numbers are more persuasive than anything, use counters, pricing tables and blurbs to emphasize the achievements of your company. With a simple contact form, customers can request additional info or reach company officials in no time. Click on the demo to explore more great features.This Database Software Wordpress design template is WPML readyWhat is it?In case you find out or hope that your target audience talks many languages (sometimes they can be from various nations or they're linguists), you must have your website being created in a number of languages. WPML plugin offers a multilingual switcher to the web-site, allowing the customer to instantly modify the internet page's language.Why is it Good?WPML is a function that enables to make your site multilingual.Find newest WPML ready WordPress themes hereThis Internet WordPress theme is ResponsiveWhat is it?This is an ability of the website to promptly adapt to any display size and resolution.Why is it Good?Responsive web page design helps to enrich consumer experience and give a whole access to the website info from any device.Fresh Responsive WordPress designs hereThis Computers & Internet WordPress design theme is Search Engine FriendlyWhat is it?The Search Engine Friendly site makes it possible for any searcher to crawl every page of the site, determine the information and index all of them in the database.Why is it Good?SEO allows to get to the top of search results and fit the ranking factors required by the most popular search engines. Because of thas your website is visible on the web.Click for more Search Engine Friendly Wordpress design templates hereThis is a Parallax Computer Software WP themeWhat is it?When you travel someplace, far away objects shift a lot slower compared to the near ones. Replica of such an effect on the web property - when the background photo moves slower compared to content material, is termed parallax. It will be utilized to make a feeling of space in the website visitor's eyes.Why is it Good?It creates a powerful feeling on the end user, and thus cultivating a big audience and making customers to stay on the website. It's actually a good way to add a highlight to a one-page website, restore an infographic, tell a story or showcase a portfolio.Fresh Parallax Wordpress design templates hereThis Internet WP theme is Retina ReadyWhat is it?Retina Ready is a type of display screen that shows more pixels per square inch.Why is it Good?Apple devices were initial to own Retina display screens, though by now their competitors use that technology too. A huge number of smartphones and tablets have Retina display screens, if you decide to want your web site to look excellent for nearly every user - you need a Retina-ready theme.Fresh Retina Ready Wordpress design templates hereThis is Computer Software Company WP theme with Sample Data InstallerWhat is it?Sample Data Installer is a component that imports a certain amount of files storing sample content.Why is it Good?If you want to make the website look exactly as on live demo, this module will help you. Also, adding sample data content helps you to save your time enormously whilst building a internet site.Find newest Sample Data Installer WordPress designs hereThis is System Software WordPress theme with GPL LicenseWhat is it?The GNU General Public License is known as a completely free software license providing you the full overall flexibility to customize and therefore make use of the software exactly the way you require.Why is it Good?Website templates with GPL License can be used as establishing a great amount of internet resources.Click for more GPL License Wordpress design templates hereThis template is featured in the following editorial reviews:Best App Store WordPress ThemesDevelop A Professional Portfolio With The Help Of 15 WordPress Themes For Programmers
Les modèles de la société de logiciels de
Développement Web templates
Logiciel de modèles
Business & services de
Ordinateurs & internet
Wordpress builder
Elementor Website Builder
Admin Panel
Retina Ready
Search Engine Friendly
Team Members
Dropdown Menu
Google map
Sample content
Advanced Theme Options
Performance Optimization
Website Builder
Compatibilité WordPress
Compatible avec
https://s3.tmimgcdn.com/templates/60351/scr/1519369-1596542449808_Slice1.png, https://s3.tmimgcdn.com/templates/60351/scr/1519369-1596542449810_Slice2.png, https://s3.tmimgcdn.com/templates/60351/scr/1519369-1596542449811_Slice3.png, https://s3.tmimgcdn.com/templates/60351/scr/1519369-1596542449812_Slice4.png, https://s3.tmimgcdn.com/templates/60351/scr/1519369-1596542449813_Slice5.png, https://s3.tmimgcdn.com/templates/60351/scr/1519369-1596542449815_Slice6.png, https://s3.tmimgcdn.com/templates/60351/scr/1519369-1596542449817_Slice7.png
Est offerte gratuitement
Type de commerce
Fait sur mesure pour une entreprise de logiciel, développement web, ordinateurs & internet, la société & mode & beauté, business & services, sports & sites de voyage.
Nom du modèle
Quadro - software company wordpress theme
Formulaires Web
Contact Form
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Search Form
Moteur WordPress
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Support de la langue
In case the theme is released under the GNU GPLv3 license the stock images used in this theme and its .psd source files are not included to the delivered package, as they do not fall under the GPL license.
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Fichiers sources

.PHP, This theme is widgetized

Logiciels nécessaires

Apache Server, For uncompressing a template ZIP package:
WinZip 9+ (Windows);
Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac)

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logiciel,entreprise,web,développement,ordinateurs,internet,la société,les gens,les entreprises,les services,les sites wordpress
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